Since 1984

Our Law Firm presents a long successful history in both advocacy and legal consultancy, constantly setting itself new goals inside and outside the greek borders, to ensure our clients receive well-rounded, beneficial services.

In times where Greece has been and in the grip of a deep economic crisis and instability and although workload for lawyers has been dramatically decreased, “EGNA NAVRIDIS & ASSOCIATES” Law Firm is on a steady growth trajectory, remaining to be amongst the most often recommended Law Firms in the country.

The law office established in 1984 by Efthymios G. Navridis has grown into one of the largest Law Firms, which without devaluing the conventional model of courtroom advocacy has invested in legal expertise, upgrading the services provided and therefore is being ranked amongst the leading Law Firms in Greece.

In our model premises – in terms of architecture, aesthetics and operation – in the very heart of Athens (pedestrian street of Voukourestiou), our associates, equipped with modern IT systems and high-quality, varied expertise, ensure on a daily basis that our clients are provided with superior legal assistance and are fully updated on the progress of each case, both orally and in writing and in due time, as well as on any pending or potential moves required to follow. It has been the strict adherence to organisational rules and compliance with the required standards and procedures that assure our Law Firm must possess the ISO 9001/2008 certification, accredited by the international accredited body TÜV Hellas (TÜV Nord Group).

Contemporary reality combined with our clients’ differentiated needs were the leading criteria for our Law Firm to expand its activities abroad in 2010, where we established our first branch office in Bucharest while today, our Law Firm maintains 4 more branch offices, in Sofia, Tirana, Pristina and Skopje, while at the same time we presently proceed to establish two more branches in Thessaloniki and Belgrade. In those branches, both lawyers and the administrative staff, amongst whom Greek-speaking personnel, perform their duties applying the same principles also embraced by our principal offices, being continuously assisted by our Greek associates, who manage and monitor each case on a daily basis. Such operational unity is achieved thanks to a number of factors including, our daily communication taking place via our Athens-based call-center which aims to connect and better serve our clients and our associates’ regular meetings both in Greece and the above-mentioned countries belonging to the field of our activity, held in order to adequately inform those responsible for each case, to further update on the progress of the cases and to define new strategies.

Our initial planning intended to satisfy the needs of both greek and foreign businessmen operating in the pre-mentioned countries through our branch offices abroad, instantly variated, since our clients started to gradually assign our Law Firm more cases related to civil, criminal and administrative law, thereby demonstrating the excellence of the services we provide.

Expanding our Law Firm’s activity abroad, made it necessary for us to further join partnerships with top-level professionals in countries where we do not maintain our own branch offices, therefore allowing us to efficiently assist our clients in any legal matter or endeavour arising in Cyprus, Constantinople, Dubai and in the major international business centres.  To this effect, our Law Firm joined in 2012 ADAM GLOBAL, a leading interdisciplinary network of Legal, Accounting and Consulting firms, which ensures the cooperation with highly skilled professionals in the Arab world and in most European capitals.

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