Energy Law

Our law firm taking into account the sensitive energy balance in Greece and the other  Balkan Countries has significantly expanded its activity in the energy sector by providing its clients operating in Greece and abroad with high level legal services, especially on the field of wholesale and retail electricity market.

EGNA Law Firm’s legal services include both the provision of advisory services and the representation of clients before institutional authorities, such as the Energy Regulatory Authority, the European Commission, the Competition Commission and national courts. Additionally, our experienced colleagues assist our clients on the preparation and submission of files regarding the authorization procedure of construction projects on the fiend of Renewable Energy Sources, such as the construction of photovoltaic and wind power plants, especially in Balkan countries. Furthermore, our company cooperates with remarkable external collaborators-technocrats, who are deepening in the growing field of energy and that way, EGNA Law Firm covers all kind of financial and technical issues.

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