EGNA Athens

Having chosen Athens as the focal point of our operations, a city of over 4 million residents, hosting a significant number of businesses and a critical mass of active lawyers, EGNA NAVRIDIS & ASSOCIATES, under the direction of its founder and being long supported by an expert team of reliable associates, has played a leading role in both courtroom advocacy and consulting services.

In our view, our Greek origin was never the actual reason for practising our profession in Greece, but an informed decision as to which is the most appropriate and fertile place for our operations to flourish and our objectives to be implemented.

Being fortunate enough to maintain our modern facilities in the heart of Athens, just a few metres away from the most famous commercial market, easily accessible by public transportation, at No. 21 Voukourestiou Street, we are driven by our common vision for continuous development and progress, being faithful to the principle of mutuality. Therefore, we represent our clients both in and out-of-court in any arising legal case, supporting any existing or new business venture and further mediate with banks on  aspects related to financing or re-financing. We moreover provide optimised solutions and design sound business plans while, at the same time, we reward individual clients who, for the past thirty years, have entrusted us and have also contributed to our clientele’s expansion.

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