Civil Law

Being the starting point of our Founding Partner’s legal career, the Civil Law is still one of our main practice areas. Our enduring experience and our high rate of success in Civil Law cases have consolidated the trust of our ever increasing clientele.

We firmly believe that each one of our clients is a unique person and each one of our cases requires consistent and coherent treatment. We handle all cases with a sense of responsibility, care and persistence, regardless of their financial scope, such as cases of:

  • divorce
  • child custody
  • child adoption
  • alimony
  • property division upon divorce
  • inheritance and estate cases
  • contractual and delict liability cases
  • claim collections
  • private and business leases
  • disputes and challenges to real estate ownership and use
  • subcontractor or labor-relations disputes, etc.

Our primary aim is to fulfill our clients’ needs. Our contribution to shaping ground-breaking precedent is an incentive in our ever improving expertise in a variety of legal subjects and services.

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