EGNA Tirana

Greece steadily remains the second largest trading partners in Albania, being amongst the predominant foreign investors in the country and further holding the first place in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

At the same time, a rate of 27% of foreign investors in Albania originate in Greece, added to the fact that the majority of large companies’ senior partners are Greek nationals and/or speak Greek.  Furthermore, a considerable number or Greek enterprises have already have established business in the neighbouring country, engaging in sectors such as banking, telecommunications, health services, fuel, constructions, IT, manufacture and trading of construction materials, etc.

Proximity ties with Albany combined with the new prospects opened up there, were the primary reasons we decided to continue our dynamic course in the Balkans and expand our activities in Tirana since 2011.

Reforms taking place in Albania and both European and international projects carried out there, particularly contribute to the acceleration of its progress towards the European accession process, generating a new framework and offering major potential for producers, exporters, investors and generally businessmen.

Remaining strongly committed to our goals, we represent our clients in the most reliable manner, supporting their outward-looking endeavours and defending their interests most effectively.

We remain at your disposal for providing you with useful advice on how to penetrate Albania’s neighbouring market in order to successfully implement your plans.

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