Company Formation in Romania

Responding to the needs and demands of modern enterprises that are seeking relocation and investment opportunities in the developing country of Romania, EGNA NAVRIDIS AND ASSOCIATES have all the answers in relation to company formation in Romania. We provide our clients with all the necessary information, discuss with them their business plan and, together with the experienced lawyers of our Bucharest office, we suggest the most beneficial legal form for each business, taking care of all the necessary steps.

Why in Romania?

The current tax regimes, as well as the low incorporation and maintenance costs favor the investment and incorporation in the country. The minimum initial capital for a limited liability capital (SRL) is only 45 Euros! The one required for the incorporation of a public company (SA) reaches approximately the 25.000 Euros, while for the founding of a private business (PFA) there is no minimum capital required.

Romania applies a uniform taxation of 16% on profits. Furthermore, in its effort to attract business, reinforce entrepreneurship and minimize tax evasion in particular with regards to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with annual turnover of less than 1 million Euros, the following taxation options are also available:

  • 3% on turnover, if no employees are engaged; and
  • 1% on turnover, if at least 1 employee is engaged.


The company formation in Romania becomes an easy task by visiting our Athens office and signing all the necessary documents before our notary public. All the incorporation documents are duly drafted and prepared by the specialized legal counsels of our firm, who are the right people to explain and guide you through every step. The lawful representative of the company needs to travel to Bucharest only once and just for a couple of hours, in order to provide the Bank with which the company will open account, with his/her signature specimen.

The EGNA NAVRIDIS AND ASSOCIATES Bucharest lawyers take care of the preparation of all the documentation, as well as of the necessary arrangements with the Bank, in order to save the company’s administrator from this trouble. Also, they accompany our clients to the Bank, as well as to the state authorities, in the event they choose to travel to Bucharest and sign there all the incorporation documents.

Having in mind that getting reliable advice on accountings and taxation issues is of vital importance for every company, we are working with a big and trustworthy firm of accountings and tax planning services, with presence in the Balkans, in order to secure the guaranteed, profitable and easy development of your business.

We speak your language! Our associates can discuss your ideas in Greek, English, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, French, German, Bulgarian, Spanish and Italian and can help you bring them to life using their experience and expertise.

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