Company Formation in Albania

The reformations that have been lately effected in the free market of the rapidly developing Albania have formed a friendly environment for foreign investments, in particular in the fields of construction, energy and transportation.

Why in Albania?

  1. Favorable Business Taxation

Albania could be described as the “tax paradise” of the Balkans. Among the countries investing in the Albanian economy, Greece still comes first as even more businessmen are developing activities in the said country.

The business taxation is very attractive in Albania, having in mind that, enterprises with turnover:

  • Less than 36.000 Euros are free of tax;
  • up to 60.000 Euros are taxed with only 5%;
  • from 60.000 ευρώ and more, are taxed with only 15 %.
  1. Low Cost OF Minimum Initial Capital

Businessmen wishing to invest in Romania may choose among a Limited Liability Company, a Civil Association and a Partnership, for the incorporation of which a minimum capital of only  0,75 Euros or, there is also the option of a public company (SA), requiring a minimum capital of at least 27.000 Euros.

  1. Easy and Fast Procedure

It has been proved through our experience in the field of strategic investments and investment relocation that the Limited Liability Company (SHPK), which can be founded as a single member company, having the same natural or legal person as its shareholder and administrator, is more appealing and friendly to foreign investors. The incorporation procedure require the drafting and signing just a few documents and may be concluded within 10 to 15 days, including the opening of the bank account.


Our Tirana office is staffed with experienced lawyers with immediate response time, who take over the company formation from a to z.  Having in mind that getting reliable advice on accountings and taxation issues is of vital importance for every company, we are working with a big and trustworthy firm of accountings and tax planning services, with presence in the Balkans, in order to secure the guaranteed, profitable and easy development of your business.

We speak your language! Our associates can discuss your ideas in Greek, Albanian, English, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, French, German, Bulgarian, Spanish and Italian and can help you bring them to life using their experience and expertise.

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