EGNA Bucharest

Presenting an ever-growing number of Greek-interest companies, confirms our choice to embark upon our dynamic expansion in the Balkans, particularly in Romania, provided it is steadily developing country with considerable potential and significant growth prospects.

Besides, it is well-known that Greek history meshes with that of Romania, while the two countries have forged strong bonds of friendship and mutual respect, having firmly established bilateral relations with each other, in numerous, increasingly widened sectors such as economics and trade.

Beyond the banking sector, where Greek banks have an impressive presence, market penetration of Greek-interest companies in Rumania is noticeably upward, also extended in a host of economy key sectors, such as telecommunications, constructions and real estate development, agriculture and livestock, food and drinks industry, renewable energy sources, retail trade, provision of services, etc.

Our country has earned the 5th place amongst the leading trading partners and investors in Rumania, while the fact that over 5,500 Greek companies are currently registered there, is an undisputable indication of the remarkable progress both Greece and Romania present, in respect of their economic and commercial transactions.

With our main objective revolving around offering our clients efficient legal support by endorsing their efforts to establish new enterprises and expand their professional activities in Romania, we, in 2010 established in Bucharest a fully-organised branch office, responsible for the provision of legal, financial and consulting services also including Greek-speaking staff, to better serve non-Romanian speakers, being unfamiliar with the Romanian market.

We are at your full disposal for any further question in relation to legal, corporate, accounting and tax matters, exports, real estate, etc. always providing you with factual and reliable information.

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