Commercial Law

It is one of the most important fields of law, in which we have gained the trust of our clients. The later address to us, being confident that we shall meet their many and varied needs, adequately and with consistently.

Working with dedication to the benefit of our clients, our commercial law specialists handle the designing and implementation of comprehensive business rescue programs. In particular, in EGNA NAVRIDIS & ASSOCIATES, we assist those engaged in business activities to comply, in the most effective way, with the applicable reorganization, conciliation and bankruptcy provisions of the Bankruptcy Act.

Moreover, we save our clients from the time and energy consuming process of demanding pending payments by, either seeking them through out-of-Court proceedings, or filing Court claims for unpaid checks, bills of exchange and invoices. When the Court option has been followed, experienced bailiffs and notaries come on board to secure, under our supervision, the accuracy and effectiveness of the enforcement procedures that follow a Court decision.

Besides, for more than a decade EGNA NAVRIDIS & ASSOCIATES keeps up with the legal developments and meets the current needs of its clients, providing specialized services of legal assistance on issues related to the most common forms of today’s transactions, such as e-commerce and online auctions. Hence, we are always alerted, staying updated and well-informed in order to offer our knowledge in improving business.

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