Golden Visa Programme

The new laws of the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness and Infrastructure and the Ministry of the Merchant Marine and the Aegean now make the legal framework favorable for strategic and private investment in Greece. This includes promotion and support of residence in Greece for non-EU domiciled investors by means of a distinct five-year renewable alien residence permit, applicable also to executives in strategic investment projects and foreign commercial/industrial and maritime companies active in Greece.

A real estate purchase in Greece of just 250,000 euros (regardless of annual income) entitles purchasers to a special renewable alien resident permit for non-EU citizens and their families and provides them with the right to visa-free and unhindered travel throughout the EU.

The EGNA Navridis & Associates lawyers are glad to responsibly take up, handle and process all required stages in the issuance of a resident alien permit. We oversee the completeness and accuracy of the portfolio to be filed with the competent administrative agencies. In our continuous efforts to serve our clients, we work with professionals of other fields who assist us in preparing a full package of notarial, legal, real estate and taxation services, ensuring prompt issuance of residence permits and saving you from all the hassle of personal appointments at any stage of this arduous process.

EGNA Navridis & Associates clients from Iran, Iraq, Egypt and the UAE now enjoy the full spectrum of the Golden Visa privileges, the opportunity to travel freely throughout the EU and the enjoyment of the Greek landscape just by purchasing exquisite real estate holdings in Greece.

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