Banking Law

Our constant pursuit is to be of responsible and consistent service to our clients who entrust us with their needs, aspirations and demands. Our Law Firm provides high-quality legal services and advice on both standard bank loan and newly-developed credit solutions, such as equipment and real estate leasing, bond issues, Letters of Credit, electronic banking transactions, etc. Our specialization and experience in banking law are a guarantee for both out-of-court and judicial representation of our clients in bank agreement cases, joint credit accounts and debt adjustments with credit institutions.

Even more so in this juncture of the on-going crisis, EGNA’s expert associates and counselors handle legal representation of borrowers in their pursuit to recover losses suffered by excessive housing or consumer credit loans pegged to the Swiss franc (CHF). Due to standard bank practices in the past few years, the dramatic CHF revaluation has resulted in devastating losses for these borrowers. Thanks to experience and know-how of our trained associates in the legal means and protection of borrower rights, our Law Firm has supported and continues to support our clients with sensitivity and professionalism.

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