EGNA Pristina

Our unfaltering desire to be ahead of future developments combined with the increasingly growing presence of both Greek and foreign enterprises in Kosovo, as well as Kosovo’s significance as an export and investment destination, led to the decision of expanding our activities in Pristina.

Our decision was triggered by the rapid economic growth (at rate of 4-5% annually over the past three years), the increasingly improved legislative framework, the favourable investment and business environment, the imports upward trend (imports account for more than 90% of domestic consumption) and the opportunities available in Kosovo in numerous sectors including constructions, real estate and the provision of services. Thus, we already, we feel justified in our decision.

Normalisation of Serbia’s relations with Kosovo, the recent IMF approval of Kosovo’s re-financing and the financial aid granted by the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), numerous international and other financial organisations, as well as the signature of the memorandum of Understanding between the Athens and Kosovo Chamber of Crafts, open up new prospects for business activities and relevant cooperation in the area, in the implementation of which our Office can play a key role.

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