Mass Media Law

EGNA Navridis & Associates handles both in Court and out-of-court, cases of civil, criminal or administrative interest, related to any kind of violation of personality and personal data rights by electronic or printed Mass Media, as well as by the Internet.

Our Law Firm has been in the practice of Mass Media Law for many years. All these years we have stayed abreast of all developments in the Greek Mass Media environment and the numerous pertinent legislative measures. Being constantly in contact and communication with the Hellenic National Radio-Television Council, our lawyers have successfully represented our clients before the Council in relation to the protection of their radio-television broadcasting rights.

EGNA Navridis & Associates’ legal team is also active in the preparation of complete candidate portfolios in response to licensing calls for domestic, regional and local radio or television stations. Our associates keep a watchful eye on all developments in the radio-television broadcasting field and support our clients’ interests in any relevant media issue.

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