Corporate Law

Being the core object of all our offices, corporate law is practiced by experienced in this area lawyers of the firm, who, together with experts of other disciplines, plan and implement comprehensive solutions for your business activities.

All our branches undertake the incorporation of companies in the respective jurisdictions. We bring to life the business ideas of our clients, not only by drafting the necessary legal documents and handling the registration procedures with the respective Companies Registries, but also by discussing with them their plans for the development of their venture, recommending reliable tax experts and accountants with whom we liaise, in order to deliver a ready-to- operate company.  At the same time, we assist our clients in opening bank accounts for the newly incorporated companies.

Our team handles the establishment of branch offices on behalf of companies with headquarters in any part of the world, by providing them with a full package of legal services which includes, among others, guidance and assistance in the opening of bank accounts.

In the countries where we operate, we liaise with agents that mediate for the purpose of finding ready companies for sale and auditing their financial status, in order to provide our clients with the choice of investing in and doing business through existing companies.

We also prepare and process amendments to articles of association for the registration of capital increase and change of legal form, name, shareholders, headquarters and scope of activity.  At the same time, we offer legal services related to attendance of meetings and recording SAs’ minutes.  Our team is also in a position to handle all the necessary procedures for the admission of companies to the Stock Market, as well as to drat and prepare all the necessary legal documents and supervise company mergers and acquisitions.

Being well aware that in the business world time is money, we are prepared and motivated to implement our clients’ business plans and assist them through every step of the way promptly, rapidly and in the most comprehensive manner.

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