North Macedonia … Following the Agreement

Since the signing of the Prespa agreement and especially after the ratification of the agreement by the Greek Parliament, an increasing number of Greek companies looking for new markets are crossing the borders to expand their operations in North Macedonia. The first step was made by AEGEAN, which immediately after the signing of the agreement and since the “Skopje Alexander the Great Airport” was renamed to “Skopje International Airport”, reiterated the link between Athens and Skopje that had been interrupted twelve years ago. Until then, those of us who live in Athens, we were flying by plane to Thessaloniki and then by car to Skopje. It was a little hassle. Now things have become more simple.

Skopje is a beautiful city. The people are kind and polite. Several of them speak Greek. Do not forget that Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki are the most popular destinations for the residents of North Macedonia.

The business environment is very good. Tax rates are low. The labor cost is also low. The country needs foreign investments and the effort to attract investors is obvious. The strangers and especially Greeks who visit the country feel from the first moment that they are welcome.

These are just some of the reasons why more and more Greek businesses have expanded their operations recently to North Macedonia.

Our office, the law firm “EGNA – NAVRIDIS & ASSOCIATES” has created a branch office in Skopje for about three years, staffed by experienced lawyers, who provide high quality services to Greek and foreign businessmen.

The Greek Embassy and especially the Embassy’s Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs do not stop designing actions and assisting the Greek business community in any way.

The country is next to us. The conditions are excellent. It is worth taking advantage of them!

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