within a thrilling evening full of music.

The concert took place in the Education Centre situated in the “Resurrection of Christ” Cathedral and was initiated by the Tirana archdiocese, accompanied by the venerable Archbishop of Tirana Anastasios himself, who graced the event with his presence and enthusiastic support.

The event was attended by the Albanian President Ilir Meta, politicians, diplomats and representatives from Greece and third countries who were awed by the music, in an atmosphere where not only singing but also the truth, beauty and pure love that brought the two countries even closer were dominant, as pointed out by the venerable Archbishop in his warm welcome.

The presence of Margarita, the great Greek composer’s daughter, stirred deep emotion to the audience, causing further thrill by reading out the letter her father addressed to the Archbishop, which gained every attendee’s massive applause.

EGNA LAW FIRM has had the special honor to be included amongst the event’s main sponsors, represented by Mr. Efthymios Navridis himself and a number of associates. All attendees immensely enjoyed each and every song of Mikis Theodorakis, a true milestone in respect of the Greek music culture, waking up memories of the past and prompting everyone to sing the artist’s greatest hits, having had culminated for years.

Following the concert’s closure, the audience had the chance to visit an artistic showroom where rare scores, CDs and an impressive photo gallery were exhibited, taken from Mikis’ Theodorakis personal collection.

One day earlier, a very special poetry slam was hosted at the “Birth of Christ” chapel, also situated in the same Cathedral, dedicated to the “Great Poets Mikis Theodorakis loved most’. The same night, the Greek actress Katerina Zafiropoulou and the Albanian director Enkel Fejzollari, presented in both Greek and English, poets written by Odysseas Elitis, George Seferis, Tasos Leivaditis and other renowned poets, with the musical accompaniment of percussion instruments, under the direction of Mr. Stefanos Papagellidis-grandson of the great composer Mikis Theodorakis.

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