After three years of awarding scholarships to the best students of the Department of Greek Studies at the universities of Bucharest and Tirana, this year the University of Sofia was added. In that event, just before the end of 2017, on Monday 18 of December, Mr. Efthymios Navridis awarded two scholarships to the first top two students of the Department of Greek Studies.

The ceremony was honored by the Greek Ambassador, Mr. Grigorios Vassilokonstantakis, the Consul Mr. Spyridon Kritikos, the Rector of the University of Sofia, Mr. Anastas Gerdzhikov, the Head of the Greek Studies Department, Petya Yaneva and the department’s professors Mrs. Yoana Sirakova and Mrs. Dzagomira Valcheva.

In their brief speeches, the Rector Mr. Gerdzhikov and the head of the department thanked Mr. Efthimios Navridis for his noble sponsorship, while Mr. Gerdzhikov awarded the two students with a commemorative diploma.

The Ambassador Mr. Vassilokonstantakis congratulated Mr. Navridis on his offer and expressed his delight that this initiative started from Bucharest when he was Ambassador at the moment to Romania and carries on until today to Sofia where he is now.

Mr. Navridis in return thanked the rector for his acceptance of the sponsorships that is very honorable to him. He also thanked the Greek Ambassador for honoring him with his presence, referring to his support in Sofia as in Bucharest and the importance of his presence and his support now and then.

Finally, he thanked the two honour students, Melina Hristova and Mihaela Ivanova for the pleasure of giving him offering the scholarships, because as he mentioned in cases like these, the pleasure is greater for the giver and less for the taker.

He wished the two top students to be always first and he promised to be present for the first ones enhancing their efforts. Finally he offered them a commemorative gift, a copy of Nikos Kazantzakis’ book “Life and the State of Alexis Zorbas” in memory of this beautiful day.


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