The beginning of the winter semester of the Department of Greek Studies was marked for the 4th consecutive year by the awarding of “Professor Vassos Karageorgiou” scholarships awarded by Mr. Efthimios Navridis to two top students of the University of Tirana.

The fine ceremony that took place at noon on Monday, November 11th, at the, as always packed with students and professors, University’s ceremonial hall, was honored with their presence by the Ambassador of Greece to Albania Mrs. Sofia Filipidou, the dean of the section Mr. Arkur Sula, the head of the department Mrs. Sofia Deligiorgis, as well as other teachers of the department.

Also, from the Greek Embassy the event attended the counselor of the Greek Embassy in Tirana Ms. Stavroula Pentarvanis, the head of the Bureau for Economic and Trade Affairs, Mr. Sarantis Moschovis, as well as the head of the Press and Communication Office of the Greek Embassy in Tirana, Ms. Glykeria Mitropoulou.

As a souvenir of this day, Mr. Efthimios Navridis offered the recipients a copy of the poetry collection “Orientations” by the great Greek poet Ulysses Elytis, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1979 by the Swedish Academy.

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