Today, Greece presents unique investment opportunities through business development models that promote the country’s competitive advantages in various areas of production, such as energy, tourism, agriculture and transports, having established a flexible and quick process for foreign investors who are non-EU or non- EEA citizens (i.e. third country nationals) and who wish to obtain an entry visa and a residence permit for investment activities in Greece, by paying at least 250,000 euros. Residence permits are also granted to the executives involved in the implementation or operation of the investment plan. Up to 10 permits may be issued for an investment plan (for investors and executives), depending on the volume of the investment.

Residence permits for investment activity (for investors or executives) are granted for five years, and can be renewed for an equal period of time, provided that the holder retains his/her capacity (as investor or executive) regarding the investment, and the investment implementation or operation continues. To be granted a residence permit for investment activity, third-country nationals must enter the country with a national visa (type-D), issued for investment purposes by the competent consular authority for a duration of up to one year.


  • A passport or other travel document recognized by Greece, with a period of validity which must exceed by  three months the expiry date of the visa, having  at least two blank pages and issued within the previous ten
  • Travel insurance with a period of validity at least equal to the visa issued for emergency medical care and / or emergency hospital
  • Criminal record certificate issued by the foreign authorities certifying the criminal record status of the applicant in the country of his/her
  • A medical certificate issued by a recognized state or private institution showing that the person concerned does not suffer from a disease that could pose a threat to public health in accordance with the World Health Organization’s international standards.

Documentation is also submitted for the investment plan in printed and in electronic form, in Greek or translated by an official Authority, and then forwarded to the competent department of the Ministry of Economy and Development for assessment in order to obtain an entry visa.


  1. Presentation of the investment plan
  2. Information concerning the applicant in relation to the contribution to the investment, which includes
  3. Documentation for investor’s own funds


  • Application form
  • Four (4) recent colour photos in printed and digital form
  • Copy of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness competent department recommendation regarding the classification of the investment. A certified copy of a valid passport or travel document recognized by Greece with the applicable national visa
  • € 2000 electronic fee for investors and executives and 150 € for family members
  • Certification that an application has been submitted to the competent national insurance agency for coverage for the costs of hospitalization, health care and accidents at work


ΝAVRIDIS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm is manned with qualified professionals, and acts as a communication channel between its principals and the Hellenic Authorities, undertaking the implementation of large investment plans throughout Greece to give foreign investors the opportunity to come in contact with the incomparably beautiful Greek gastronomy, education, history and culture.

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