Greece is a country located in SE Europe, and one of the first countries to join the European Union, making a substantive contribution to the vision of European unity. One of the country’s main features is its exceptionally mild climate. Its dreamlike summers last 6-7 months, rightly resulting in Greece being ranked as of the world’s top summer destinations. One can find thousands of magical beaches on the hundreds of Greek islands or along its 16,300 km long coastline. International travel guides have listed some of those beaches as among the world’s most beautiful.

If you love winter destinations, Greece also offers a range of high spec winter tourist destinations that meet the needs of even the most demanding visitors.
This wonderful country with its hospitable residents and major, diverse changes in landscape, is now offering citizens of third countries the right to obtain a residence permit following recent legislative changes.

There is one condition only; that they buy a property here. It is now the case that one can acquire property in Greece in locations that a few years ago only a few lucky individuals could. For third country citizens to obtain a residence permit they simply have to acquire a property worth € 250,000 in total. If that condition is met, the residence permit is issued for 5 years and can be renewed for another 5 years, where the property continues to remain in the permit-holder’s possession.

This specific residence permit is issued in accordance with law to a third country citizen and members of his family, if he owns property in Greece personally or via a company whose shares belong entirely to him.
The same type of permit can also be granted to a third country citizen who has signed a time-share agreement for hotel accommodation for a 10-year period at least.

Our law firm’s experienced and specialised associates working in partnership with respected estate agencies, or directly representing property owners, can responsibly undertake to find a suitable property to meet the needs and desires of potential investors. An essential part of this process is the title deed search for the property being sold. We are there for clients right up until the contract is signed, providing the best possible representation for clients for as long as they need us. Having responsibly briefed the client in good time, we gather up all the supporting documents needed and submit them to the competent authorities to obtain the residence permit, and oversee and supervise the entire procedure from start to finish.

Each client’s case will be assigned to one of our trusted and competent associates, who, in his turn, can be directly contacted so as to provide quick, valid and reliable answer to any query that may arise; a fact that is much appreciated by all our clients who happened to have entrusted us in the past for the provision of qualitative services.

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